Going Down The Abortion Rabbit Hole

In a 1865 novel written by Lewis Carroll, called Alice in Wonderland, the character Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a complex world of fantasy and the illogical. Today,  "going down a rabbit hole" has become metaphorical  for a path that leads us to the logic or fallacy of an issue or approach to something.  Because … Continue reading Going Down The Abortion Rabbit Hole

The Church’s Dilemma

A dilemma that faces the church today, is how to offer inclusiveness while holding steadfast to the teachings of Christ, and doing so without appearing to offer condemnation to those sitting in its pews. In an attempt to accommodate the sinner (which we all are), does the church intentionally or inadvertently contribute to the normalization … Continue reading The Church’s Dilemma

Tribalism’s Insidious Threat

While reading through my news feed the other day, I came across a comment to a post that was shared on someone's Facebook wall that said this: "I will NEVER vote for a Muslim.  Those crazy people are born with a knife to kill." Those words resonated a religious/political tribalism to me. In this country, … Continue reading Tribalism’s Insidious Threat