Leaving a Legacy


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I’ve just returned home from the funeral of someone I had gotten to know during my treatment for cancer.  He had fought his own battle with cancer and had become an inspiration to me. What impressed me the most about this man was his perseverance – that was until his funeral.When I listened as poems were read from the perspective of his grand-children, I began to realize there was much more to him than I had realized from the short time I knew him.

I couldn’t tell you everything that was said about this man, but there were four words within the poems that characterized him in the eyes of his grand-children, and those were “hope, joy, patience and strength“.

These four words were embodied within this man during his life on earth, and became the legacy that he left behind.  Not a legacy of temporal things like money, but rather a virtuous example to his grand-children – which will hopefully lead them to an eternity with Christ someday.

Hope –  the certainty that what God has promised is true, and will guide us through life – whatever the circumstance – and into eternity.

Joy – the inward assurance and outward demonstration of hope.

Patience – the ability to rest in God’s promises and not be anxious, and finally…

Strength – knowing we can do all things through Christ, who gives us the ability to be resolute, tenacious and enduring through anything we face in life.

The legacy Rick left behind has value far beyond earthly riches.

It’s priceless.

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