Losing Ground in a Post-Christian America

We need only look back at the collapse of the Roman Empire to understand the ultimate peril we face as a nation when the influence of the church is lost. Referring to that collapse, 19th century British historian James Bryce posited that: "the old religions had lost their hold on the belief of the educated … Continue reading Losing Ground in a Post-Christian America

Popes, Protestants, Power and Politics

The Christian faith and politics have been strange bedfellows throughout history, but this nexus has never been as notable as with the Catholic Church, and most recently, modern-day conservative Christians. Throughout history, the church's role in society has been predicated on matters of faith or power; adversarial or accommodation; a dichotomy between itself and politics, … Continue reading Popes, Protestants, Power and Politics

Finding Contentment in the Moment

"Look how the wild flowers grow! They don’t work hard to make their clothes. But I tell you that Solomon with all his wealth wasn’t as well clothed as one of these flowers.  God gives such beauty to everything that grows in the fields, even though it is here today and thrown into a fire tomorrow. … Continue reading Finding Contentment in the Moment