Beatitude of Solitude

"Be still, and know that I am God..."  Psalm 46:10 Amidst the swirling chaos that besets our country today, and by application, you and I  as individuals. we come face to face with consequences both temporal and eternal. Former president Barack Obama has characterized it as "a blip on the long arc of history", but for those … Continue reading Beatitude of Solitude

Tyranny of the Irrelevant

I recall, with a great sense of remorse, a time in church with my teenage daughter, when she arrived to service wearing "flip-flops". That's right - "flip-flops"! What was she thinking? Didn't she know by now, that flip-flops were not appropriate attire in the "House of God"? Didn't she know how that might make me … Continue reading Tyranny of the Irrelevant

What Can We Learn about Affliction from Job, Paul and The West Wing?

The Apostle Paul's metaphorical "thorn in the flesh", spoken of in 2 Corinthians 12:7 could have many meanings - the only consensus being that there is no consensus on what that thorn was. Although it was not a literal thorn he was referring to, it nonetheless was the source of considerable pain in his life.  … Continue reading What Can We Learn about Affliction from Job, Paul and The West Wing?

Three Lessons on Life and Faith

As one who is imperfect, I would like to share three lessons I've learned from a life of imperfection. Always be full of grace to others who, like you and me, are less than perfect. This is a lesson that has taken me a lifetime of ups and downs to internalize. Acknowledging that there is … Continue reading Three Lessons on Life and Faith