Three Lessons on Life and Faith

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As one who is imperfect, I would like to share three lessons I’ve learned from a life of imperfection.

Always be full of grace to others who, like you and me, are less than perfect.

This is a lesson that has taken me a lifetime of ups and downs to internalize. Acknowledging that there is no one we’ll come across on this earth who is faultless, blameless, or perfect, ourselves included, makes is easier to extend the grace that God through his Son has extended to us.

The faith of your fathers is living still, but you don’t inherit it.

Faith is not a creation of ours, and it’s not an entity that we mindlessly subscribe to.

Faith is a personal, conscious step.

Faith is the essence of what we can’t see … a leap beyond the temporal into the eternal.

Faith is more than just a rote pie-in-the-sky exercise passed down from generation to generation.

Faith is putting aside all earthy wisdom and skepticism, and choosing to believe in someone greater than ourselves.  We didn’t evolve from some primordial sludge.  We do have a Creator (take a moment to look around you).


Divine design.

We’re all going to die someday, so ask yourselves this:  “Do you want to place your eternal security in a man inspired theory, or in a omnipotent God, who through his Son, demonstrated his unconditional love for us?”

Most of all, Faith can be your true North Star – guiding you through the darkest of nights.

Learn to stand on your own reason.

Today’s academic culture is force-feeding a Godless, faith-killing dogma, and our culture as a whole is mirroring that dogma.  That is why I have referred to our country as a post-Christian nation.  Stand up and profess what you believe to be right.  Trust your heart!

Don’t allow yourself to get sucked deeper and deeper into a humanistic quick sand you can’t pull yourself out of.

Finally, learn to reason on your own, search the scriptures, and sincerely seek the truth.