Awareness In The Sound of Silence

silhouette of human with sunset background

Often, I have wondered where God was, when in fact, I simply had overlooked his presence in my life – my awareness of him being hidden by my own inattentiveness.

“…many speak of God’s absence or non-responsiveness. Such experiences need to be carefully considered. While never minimizing such experiences of another, they must be placed in dialog with our conviction that God is always present. God’s apparent absence or non-responsiveness can be an invitation to let go of an inadequate view of who God is or an invitation to greater intimacy with God.”  (Fr. Bede Cisco, OSB)

So how do I begin to focus on my awareness of him?


Listening to God in the stillness, helps us know helps us know how to apply His will in our lives. – Henry Blackaby

I’ve come to believe that God’s presence is always with us, and that our awareness of him is something to be cultivated, as we become still, attentive, and free from distraction.


“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”  Psalm 19:1

One of the ways God prompts my awareness of him, is when I’m out walking alone along the lake shore in the early morning, or when I see the outpouring of his majesty in a spectacular cloud formation or sunset – all in the sound of silence.

When describing silence and solitude, Sara Maitland, in her book, “A Book of Silence” writes:

“When . . . I started not just to be more silent, but also to love silence and want to understand it and hunt it down, both in practice and in theory, I did not feel I was running away from anything. On the contrary, I wanted more. I had it all and it was not enough. Silence is additional to, not a rejection of sociability and friends and periods of deep emotional and professional satisfaction. I have been lucky, or graced; in a deep sense, as I shall describe, I feel that silence sought me out rather than the other way round.” 

Jesus, himself often sought out solitude in the Garden of Gethsemane to pray with his disciples.

We should follow his example, by seeking out the quietness of solitude, when wanting to have a deeper awareness of him.