A Father’s Tarnished Legacy


When dads consider the legacy they wish to leave their children, sometimes they fall short of what they truly had wished to pass on.

Solomon’s counsel in Proverbs 22:6 was to “Train a child in the way that he should go,
and when he is old he will not turn from it.

We had the privilege of being the steward of your life for a very short time, and during that time we were entrusted with the training Solomon talks about, which is eternal.  However, we failed to adequately provide that training, and often failed to mirror Christ and his likeness to you – being more like broken mirrors instead.

We are, and will always be imperfect beings.  This is why faith in God must be a personal belief,  independent from our observations of others.  There’s evidence of God all around you in what he has created, and in the saints of the church – those today and those who came before us.

The truth is, that for now, we live in a fallen world that is subservient to sin and separated from God, and we feel, as though we sent you adrift in that turbulent sea without an anchor.

God has a plan to restore that sea someday, and it started with the birth of a child in a town called Bethlehem, where God took on human flesh in the person of Jesus, in order to complete His plan of redemption for all mankind – including you and I.

However, the redemption made possible by His death on a Roman cross, and his resurrection from the dead, is a gift of grace and mercy, that has to be accepted by each of us.   Accepting that gift is a very personal decision we hope you make someday, so that you can follow in our footsteps on the path to eternal life.

That is the untarnished legacy we had hoped to leave with you.