A Withering of the Heart

 "My heart is sick, withered like grass, and I have lost my appetite." - Psalm 102:4 The term, "wither" or "withered" is used figuratively here to express a moral and spiritual deficiency that affects the heart, causing it to wither and decay from spiritual malnutrition. Similarities of Physical and Spiritual Malnutrition I recently underwent a gastronomy … Continue reading A Withering of the Heart

Awareness In The Sound of Silence

Often, I have wondered where God was, when in fact, I simply had overlooked his presence in my life - my awareness of him being hidden by my own inattentiveness. “…many speak of God’s absence or non-responsiveness. Such experiences need to be carefully considered. While never minimizing such experiences of another, they must be placed … Continue reading Awareness In The Sound of Silence